Celebrating 75 years of Philanthropic Giving!

Rockwell Fund, Inc. – 1949 – 2024

This year, we are gratified to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the incorporation of Rockwell Fund, Inc. (RFI) in 1949.

James M. Rockwell was a pioneer lumberman, investor and Houston civic leader who made his fortune from a group of retail lumberyards. Under the terms of Mr. Rockwell’s will, upon his death in 1931, a portion of his estate was set aside as a charitable trust. This trust was incorporated as a Texas nonprofit organization on October 14, 1949. Since its incorporation, RFI has granted more than $155 million in the Houston region.

We are proud of our roots and those who have helped, and those who continue to, shape our work. We remain committed to the service of communities and people in need.

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