South Texas College of Law


General Civil Clinic Program

Rockwell Fund has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with South Texas College of Law, a private, nonprofit law school founded in 1923. Its mission is to provide an accessible legal education, distinguished by its excellence, to a diverse body of students committed to serving their communities and the profession.

Since 1965, Rockwell Fund has funded projects ranging from scholarships to library expansion. In 2001, we approached the school with a proposal to augment the funding of the College's General Civil Clinic, which has provided representation to indigent residents of the Houston metropolitan area since 1990. While the Clinic traditionally had focused on indigent Social Security, disability and family law issues, Rockwell offered to fund the Clinic's expansion to include legal assistance to battered and homeless women. Read more (PDF).




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College faculty discussing a case with
student in the General Civil Clinic.